Trichome Interpening Course Level 2


DOPE Magazine is partnering with the Trichome Institute to offer a one-day only training course designed to teach YOU the art of interpening! Whether you are new to cannabis or have been an enthusiast of the plant for some time, this is a fundamental course for all ganja consumers.

What is Interpening?

Combining the words terpenes and interpreting, interpening is the cannabis equivalent to the act of sommeliers interpreting wine or cuppers interpreting coffee. The Trichome Institute formally defines it as, “the science of dissecting cannabis flower for total quality control and variety type designation”.

What Will I Learn?

WHAT: Interpening Level 2 Course

WHEN: Saturday, August 12th

TIME: 1-4pm

WHERE: SOHI Art Gallery

COST: Discounted rate of $199 (normally $249) – kit included

The class is limited and isn’t offered often so sign up today! Learn more and register by going to:

Level 2 includes a visual & olfactory workshop that teaches individuals to use their senses to distinguish between variety types, terpene profiles, and acceptable and unacceptable characteristics. Students will learn all of this and information from Level 1:

  •  What is Interpening? – Cannabis Today – The Strain Name Dilemma
  • Cannabis Basics – The Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis Controversy – Flower variety types
  • Trichomes and their Components – Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavanoids
  • Strain Structures – Full plant, Leaf and Branch – Flower/Bud Structure
  • Quality Inspection and Dissection – 12 Unacceptable Visual/Odor Characteristics- Observing Quality, Aroma Potency and Trichome Density – Proper Storage
  • Interpening Methodology- Process of Seeing and Smelling the Psychotropic Spectrum of Cannabis Hybridization

The Trichome Institute is the official judge for The DOPE Cup Colorado 2017 on August 13, 2017.  DOPE Magazine is proud to partner with an organization that offers a standard way to grade cannabis quality thoughtfully, scientifically, and accurately. The Trichome Institute’s TAG lab uses a double-blind grading procedure done by experts, an SOP, and a cannabis grading calculator app. The DOPE Cup is the first cannabis cup in the nation to adopt these practices to ensure the most fair and scientifically backed judging process in the industry.

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